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:::Actually I meant that you make not only test edits but real edits for a period, usually one week or two weeks. On the other hand we already have lot of bots. There are about twenty of them. [[User:Meursault2004|Meursault2004]]<sup>[[User_talk:Meursault2004|ngobrol]]</sup> 01:00, 8 Maret 2008 (UTC)
::::Okay, I see 33 double redirects. Ordered the bot to fix them. I do not know the javanese language so I may not really be able to do any manual edits. Maintaining hundreds of wikis with over 9 million articles requires many bots. Think of the bigger picture. :) is a +10,000 wiki so I think it'd need more bots. :) --<small> [[User:White Cat|Cat]]</small> <sup>[[User talk:White Cat|chi?]]</sup> 01:41, 8 Maret 2008 (UTC)
:::::Is that adequate? Bot doesn't run well w/o a flag. --<small> [[User:White Cat|Cat]]</small> <sup>[[User talk:White Cat|chi?]]</sup> 01:44, 8 Maret 2008 (UTC)