Parembugan Naraguna:Meursault2004: Béda antara owahan

:Okay it is undeleted. This article also exists on en: and id:, those are our main references. Though I see tou got blocked globally. [[User:Meursault2004|Meursault2004]]<sup>[[User_talk:Meursault2004|ngobrol]]</sup> 4 Desember 2016 08.14 (UTC)
::Hi Meursault2004. That was [[:meta:user:Russavia|Russavia]], a user who has been [[:meta:WMF Global Ban Policy|globally banned by Wikimedia Foundation]] from editing any Wikipedia or other Wikimedia project. I'm very sorry if I was wrong to delete this article, I just wanted to help. Best regards. --[[Panganggo:Holder|Holder]] <sup>[[Dhiskusi Panganggo:Holder|rembugan]]</sup> 4 Desember 2016 17.26 (UTC)