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'''''Toy Story 3''''' iku sawijining [[filmfilem animasi]] [[komputer]] 3D saka [[Amérika Sarékat]] prodhuksi [[Pixar|Pixar Animation Studios]] lan dirilis ing bioskop déning [[Walt Disney Pictures]] tanggal [[18 Juni]] [[2010]]. Film iki ya iku nomor katelu saka séri filmfilem ''Toy Story''. Ing filmfilem iki dicaritakaké manawa sang protagonis carita, Andy, umuré wis 17 taun.
Para paraga sadurungé uga mèlu ngisi swara filmfilem iki, kayata [[Tom Hanks]], [[Tim Allen]], [[Joan Cusack]], [[Don Rickles]], [[Estelle Harris]], [[John Ratzenberger]], [[Wallace Shawn]], [[Jeff Pidgeon]], [[Jodi Benson]], [[R. Lee Ermey]], [[John Morris]], lan [[Laurie Metcalf]].
== Plot ==
The truck takes the toys to a dump where they are forced onto a conveyor belt for disposal. Woody helps Lotso and the others escape a shredder, but Lotso leaves them to fall into an incinerator. The toys are rescued by a giant claw crane operated by the squeeze toy aliens, while Lotso is found by a garbage man and tied to the front of a truck, to his dismay. The toys return to Andy's house and prepare to be stored in the attic, but Woody decides he and his friends deserve better, so he leaves a note to Andy suggesting he donate his toys to Bonnie. Together with Bonnie, Andy plays with his toys one more time before he leaves for college. Woody and his friends begin their lives anew with Bonnie's toys while the reformed Sunnyside toys, along with Molly's Barbie, begin turning the daycare into a true toy paradise. -->
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