Makau: Béda antara owahan

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|map2_width = 290px
|national_anthem = ''[[March of the Volunteers]]'' <br /> 《義勇軍進行曲》 <br /> ''Marcha dos Voluntários''
|official_languages = [[Basa Cina|Cina]], [[Basa Portugis|Portugis]]<ref>{{en}} The [[Macau Basic Law]] states that the official languages are "Chinese and Portuguese." It does not explicitly specify the standard for "Chinese". While [[Standard Mandarin]] and [[Simplified Chinese character]]s are used as the spoken and written standards in [[mainland China]], [[Standard Cantonese|Cantonese]] and [[Traditional Chinese character]]s are the long-established ''[[de facto]]'' standards in Macau.</ref>
|languages_type = [[Basa di Makau|Basa lisan]]
|languages = [[Basa Kanton|Kanton]], [[Basa Portugis|Portugis]]