Bari: Béda antara owahan

Gedhéné ora owah ,  2 taun kepungkur
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c (Bot: Panggantèn teks otomatis (-\bDelengen uga\b +Uga delengen))
The old "quarter" of Madonnella has experienced a wave of immigrants from West and Southern Africa who make a visible contribution to the multi-culturalism of the old area. An important point of reference is the [[Awalé]] Boutique which has, for quite a while, been a common reference point for the African community in the city and where the spices of West Africa add flavour to the rich variety of colourful costumes and exotic hairstyles to be seen.
== DelengenUga ugadelengen ==
* [[Antivari]] (tegesé 'lawané Bari')
* [[Bari International Airport]]