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* {{agree}} Kula ndhèrèk kémawon. Nanging kedah dipunmonitor terus, supados mboten kathah langgaran hak cipta. [[User:Meursault2004|Meursault2004]]<sup>[[User_talk:Meursault2004|ngobrol]]</sup> 10 Oktober 2017 10.27 (UTC)
== presenting the project Wikipedia Cultural Diversity Observatory and asking for a vounteervolunteer in Basa Jawa Wikipedia ==
Hello everyone,
I am searching for a volunteer in each language community: I still need one for the Basa Jawa Wikipedia. If you feel like it, you can contact me at: marcmiquel *at* I need a contact in your every community who can (1) check the quality of the cultural context article list I generate to be imported-exported to other language editions, (2) test the interface/data visualizations in their language, and (3) communicate the existance of the tool/site when ready to the language community and especially to those editors involved in projects which could use it or be aligned with it. Communicating it might not be a lot of work, but it will surely have a greater impact if done in native language! :). '''If you like the project, I'd ask you to endorse it in the page I provided.''' In any case, I will appreciate any feedback, comments,... Thanks in advance for your time! Best regards, --[[Panganggo:Marcmiquel|Marcmiquel]] ([[Parembugan Panganggo:Marcmiquel|rembugan]]) 10 Oktober 2017 14.41 (UTC) Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona
:Hello [[Panganggo:Marcmiquel|Marcmiquel]], nice to see you here. I may be interested in helping you, if it is not too much work :-) [[User:Meursault2004|Meursault2004]]<sup>[[User_talk:Meursault2004|ngobrol]]</sup> 10 Oktober 2017 16.07 (UTC)