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'''Bari''' iku sawijining comune ing [[provinsi]] Bari, region [[Apulia]] (utawa, ing [[basa Italia]], ''Puglia''), ing pinggir [[Segara Adriatik]], ing [[Italia]]. Tlatah iki minangka pusat ékonomi kaloro ing wewengkon Italia kidul, lan misuwur kanthi pelabuhané lan minangka kutha universitas, lan kutha [[Saint Nicholas|Saint Nicholas saka Bari]]. Sing ndunungi 328,458 ana ing tlatah kang jembaré 116 km², déné sing ndunungi kang ana ing kutha ana 653,028 ing tlatah kang jembaré punjul 203 km² (Cacahé nambah kanthi rikat). Watara 500,000 sing ndunungi manggon ana ing tlatah metropolitan.
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Bari consists of four different parts. On the north, the closely built old town on the peninsula between two modern harbours, with the splendid Basilica of [[Saint Nicholas|San Nicola]] (Saint Nicholas), the Cathedral of San Sabino ([[1035]] - [[1171]]) and the ''Castello Svevo'' of Frederick II, is now also one of the major nightlife districts. The ''Murattiano'' section to the south, the modern heart of the city, is laid out on a rectangular plan with a promenade on the sea, and the major shopping district (the via Sparano and via Argiro). The more modern city surrounding this center was the result of chaotic development during the [[1960s]] and [[1970s]] over the old suburbs that had developed along roads splaying outwards from gates in the city walls. Finally, the outer suburbs have been in rapid development during the [[1990s]]. The city has a redeveloped airport named after Pope John Paul II, Karol Wojtyla Airport, with connections to many European destinations.