Revolusi Mesir 2011: Béda antara owahan

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| casualties3 = <table class="infobox" style="width:100%; margin:0; padding:0; border:0"><tr><th style="padding-right:1em">Kurban tewas<p class="white space fix" style="color:transparent"></p></th><td>846<ref name="autogenerated3">{{cite web|url=|title=846 killed in Egypt uprising|date=20 April 2011|accessdate=20 April 2011|archiveurl=|archivedate=20 April 2011}}</ref> (termasukkalebu paling sedikit 135 pemrotes, 12 pulisi,<ref name="reuterslive">{{cite news| url=| title=Unrest in Egypt| accessdate=20 April 2011| date=20 April 2011| work=The Wall Street Journal}}</ref><ref name="BBC News">{{cite news|url=|title=Egypt: Mubarak Sacks Cabinet and Defends Security Role|work=BBC News |date=29 January 2011|accessdate=29 January 2011}}</ref><ref name="guardianlive">{{cite news|url=|title=Protests in Egypt – As It Happened (Live Blog)|date=26 January 2011|accessdate=26 January 2011|work=The Guardian |location=UK |first1=Haroon|last1=Siddique|first2=Paul|last2=Owen|first3=Jonathan|last3=Haynes|first4=Adam|last4=Gabbatt}}</ref> 189 tahanan,<ref>{{cite news|title=Amnesty: Egypt far from justice over unrest that killed more than 800|url=|accessdate=19 May 2011|19 May 2011|publisher=CNN|date=11 May 2011}}</ref> dan satu kepala kunjara)<ref>{{cite news|last=News Service|first=Indo-Asian|title=10 killed as protesters storm Cairo building|url=|accessdate=30 January 2011|work=Hindustan Times |location=India|date=30 January 2011}}</ref><ref name="autogenerated1">{{cite news|author=Davies, Wyre |url= |title=Egypt Unrest: Protesters Hold Huge Cairo Demonstration |work=BBC News |accessdate=1 February 2011 |date=1 February 2011}}</ref>''
<tr><th style="padding-right:1em">Terluka</th><td>6,467 orang<ref name="casualty figures">{{cite web | url= | title=Egypt’s revolution death toll rises to 384 | publisher=Al Masry Al Youm | date=22 February 2011 | accessdate=22 February 2011}}</ref></td></tr>