Segara Galiléa: Béda antara owahan

Gedhéné ora owah ,  2 taun kepungkur
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(→‎top: ganti isi, replaced: arupa → wujud)
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]</ref> Dumunung ana ing elevasi 209 meter sangisoré lumahing segara, tlaga iki minangka tlaga kang paling endhèk kaloro ing donya sawisé [[Segara Mati]], kang arupawujud tlaga banyu asin.<ref>Taun [[1996]] ditemokaké tlaga katutup ès (''subglacial''), ya iku [[Tlaga Vostok]] kang nadhingi rekor kaloroné; tlaga iki kira-kira 200 nganti 600 m sangisoré lumahing segara.</ref>
The Kinneret is situated deep in the Jordan [[Great Rift Valley]], the valley caused by the separation of the [[African Plate|African]] and [[Arabian Plate]]s and is fed partly by underground springs although its main source is the [[Jordan River]] which flows through it from north to south. Consequently the area is subject to [[earthquake]]s and, in the past, [[volcano|volcanic]] activity. This is evidenced by the abundant [[basalt]] and other [[igneous]] rocks that define the geology of the Galilee region.