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'''Ghil'ad Zuckermann''' (lair [[1 Juni]] [[1971]], [[Tel Aviv]], [[Israèl]]) (D.Phil., [[Universitas Oxford]]; Ph.D., [[Universitas Cambridge]])<ref>[ Vivid Sydney (Light, Music and Ideas)], Speaker: Prof. Ghil'ad Zuckermann.</ref> inggih punika salah sawijining ahli [[linguistik]] saking [[Israèl]]/[[Australia]].<ref>
[ Voices of the land], In Port Augusta, an Israeli linguist is helping the Barngarla people reclaim their language / Anna Goldsworthy, The Monthly, September 2014.</ref><ref>[ Meet Ghil'ad Zuckermann, master of 11 languages], Pedestrian TV.</ref><ref>[ Il Papa, Netanyahu e la lingua di Gesù], La Repubblica, Reuters, 28.5.2014.</ref><ref>[ Ghil’ad’s Indigenous language game changer], Shane Desiatnik, AJN, 12.7.2018.</ref><ref>[ Starting from scratch: Aboriginal group reclaims lost language], With the help of a linguistics professor, Barngarla, which has not been spoken for 60 years, is being pieced together, Al Jazeera, John Power, 29.6.2018.</ref>
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