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{{kagunaansanès|New York||New York (Praja)}}<!--|- style="background: #ffffff;"
| E-Mail-Adress: || []-->{{Infobox settlement|name=New York<!-- DO NOT change without discussion -->|population_blank1=19,979,477<ref name="MetroEst">{{Cite web |title=Annual Estimates of the Resident Population: April 1, 2010 to July 1, 2017—Metropolitan Statistical Area; and for Puerto Rico—2017 Population Estimates |url= |url-status=dead |archive-url= |archive-date=February 13, 2020 |access-date=March 24, 2018 |publisher=U.S. Census Bureau}}</ref> ([[List of metropolitan statistical areas|1st]])|area_water_sq_mi=167.82|timezone1=[[Eastern Time Zone|EST]]|blank7_info=$1.67&nbsp;trillion<ref name="NYCMetroGMP">{{Cite web |title=U.S. metro areas—ranked by Gross Metropolitan Product (GMP) 2020 {{!}} Statistic |url= |access-date=May 31, 2019 |website=Statista}}</ref> (1st)|blank7_name=[[Gross metropolitan product|GMP]] (Metro, 2020)|blank6_info=$884&nbsp;billion<ref name="">[ ''Gross Domestic Product by County, 2019''], [[Bureau of Economic Analysis]], released December 9, 2020. Accessed December 9, 2020.</ref> (1st)|blank6_name=[[GDP]] (City, 2019)|population_demonym=New Yorker|population_blank2=22,679,948<ref name="CombinedEst">{{Cite web |title=Annual Estimates of the Resident Population: April 1, 2010 to July 1, 2018—Combined Statistical Area; and for Puerto Rico—2017 Population Estimates |url= |access-date=April 27, 2018 |publisher=U.S. Census Bureau}}</ref> ([[List of Combined Statistical Areas|1st]])|population_blank2_title=[[New York metropolitan area|CSA (2018)]]|population_blank1_title=[[Metropolitan statistical area|MSA (2018)]]|utc_offset1_DST=−04:00|timezone1_DST=[[Eastern Time Zone|EDT]]|pop_est_as_of=2019|population_est=8336817|population_footnotes=<ref name="Census2010">[ Community Facts for New York City], [[United States Census Bureau]]. Retrieved May 26, 2017.</ref>|population_total=8175133|population_as_of=[[2010 United States Census|2010]]|population_density_sq_mi=27755.25|population_rank=[[List of United States cities by population|1st in the U.S.]]|elevation_ft=33|area_metro_sq_mi=13318|postal_code_type=[[ZIP Code]]s|elevation_footnotes=<ref name="GR3">{{Cite web |date=June 23, 2018 |title=US Board on Geographic Names |url= |access-date=January 31, 2008 |publisher=[[United States Geological Survey]]}} Search for feature ID 975772.</ref>|blank_name_sec2=Largest [[Boroughs of New York City|borough]] by area|area_land_km2=777.95|area_total_km2=1212.60|population_density_km2=10716.36|website={{URL|}}|blank2_info_sec2=[[Manhattan]] ($635.3 billion)<ref name="" />|blank2_name_sec2=Largest borough by [[GDP]] (2019)|blank1_info_sec2=[[Brooklyn]] (2019 est. 2,559,903)<ref name="BrooklynQuickFacts">{{Cite web |title=State & County QuickFacts—Kings County (Brooklyn Borough), New York |url= |archive-url= |archive-date=February 17, 2016 |access-date=May 16, 2020 |publisher=United States Census Bureau}}</ref>|blank1_name_sec2=Largest borough by population|blank_info_sec2=[[Queens]] ({{convert|109|sqmi|km2|disp=or}})|blank5_info=[[File:MTA New York City Subway logo.svg|150px|link=New York City Subway]]
[[File:NYCS-bull-trans-SIR-Std.svg|35px|link=Staten Island Railway]] [[File:PATH.svg|40px|link=PATH (rail system)]]|postal_code=100xx–104xx, 11004–05, 111xx–114xx, 116xx|blank5_name=[[Rapid transit]]|blank4_info=[[LIRR]], [[Metro-North]], [[NJ Transit Rail Operations|NJ Transit]]|blank4_name=[[Commuter rail]]|blank2_info=[[John F. Kennedy International Airport|JFK Airport]]<br>[[Newark Liberty International Airport|Newark Liberty Airport]]<br>[[LaGuardia Airport]]<br>[[Islip Airport]]<br>[[White Plains Airport]]<br>[[Stewart International Airport|Stewart Airport]]|blank2_name=Major airports|blank1_info=975772|blank1_name=[[Geographic Names Information System|GNIS]] feature ID|blank_info=36-51000|blank_name=[[Federal Information Processing Standards|FIPS code]]|area_code=[[Area codes 212, 646, and 332|212/646/332]], [[Area codes 718, 347, and 929|718/347/929]], [[Area code 917|917]]|elevation_m=10|utc_offset1=−05:00|subdivision_type=[[List of sovereign states|Country]]|map_caption=Interactive map outlining New York City|coordinates_footnotes=<ref name="GR1">{{Cite web |date=February 12, 2011 |title=US Gazetteer files: 2010, 2000, and 1990 |url= |access-date=April 23, 2011 |publisher=[[United States Census Bureau]]}}</ref>|coor_pinpoint=|coordinates={{coord|40|42|46|N|74|00|22|W|region:US-NY|display=inline, title}}|pushpin_label_position=left|pushpin_label=New York|pushpin_map_caption=Location within the state of New York##Location within the United States##Location within North America|pushpin_mapsize=290px|pushpin_relief=1|pushpin_map=New York#USA#North America|subdivision_name={{flag|United States}}|official_name=<!-- DO NOT add to this parameter without consensus -->|image_map={{Maplink|frame=yes|plain=y|frame-width=290|frame-height=270|frame-align=center|stroke-width=3|zoom=9|frame-lat=40.7|frame-long=-73.944|type=shape-inverse|stroke-color=#808080|id=Q60|title=New York City}}|nicknames=''[[The Big Apple]]'', ''[[The City That Never Sleeps (nickname)|The City That Never Sleeps]]'', ''[[Gotham: A History of New York City to 1898|Gotham]]'', and ''[[Nicknames of New York City|others]]''|blank_emblem_type=[[Wordmark]]|image_blank_emblem=NYC Logo Wolff Olins.svg|image_seal=Seal_of_New_York_City_BW.svg|image_flag=Flag of New York City.svg|image_caption=From top, left to right: [[Lower Manhattan]] skyline, [[Central Park]], the [[Unisphere]], the [[Brooklyn Bridge]], [[Times Square]], the [[Statue of Liberty]], the [[United Nations headquarters]], and the [[Coney Island boardwalk|Boardwalk]] at [[Coney Island]]|image_skyline={{multiple image
{| border="1" cellpadding="2" style="float:right; border-collapse:collapse; border-color:#e3e3e3; background-color:#fefefe; width:307px; margin-bottom:15px; margin-left:1em; font-size:95%;"
| border = infobox
! style="background: #e3e3e3;" colspan="2" | New York City
| total_width = 300
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| image_style = border:1;
| colspan="2" | [[Gambar:Top of Rock Cropped.jpg|300px|center]]
| perrow = 1/3/2/2
| image1 = Lower Manhattan skyline - June 2017.jpg
| colspan="2" div class="center" | ''Jeneng peparab: The Big Apple''
| alt1 = Lower Manhattan skyline
| image2 = Lower Central Park Shot 5 (cropped).JPG
! style="background: #e3e3e3;" | Lambang
| alt2 = Central park scenery
! style="background: #e3e3e3;" | Bendera
| image3 = Unisphere Flushing Meadows Queens.jpg
|- style="background: #ffffff;" align="center"
| alt3 = The Unisphere, a large metal globe sculpture
| style="width: 145px;" | [[Gambar:Seal of New York City.svg|150px|center|Lambang New York City]]
| image4 = Brooklyn Bridge, west tower (7433306334).jpg
| style="width: 145px;" | [[Gambar:Flag of New York City.svg|150px|center|Bendera New York City]]
| alt4 = Brooklyn Bridge
|- style="background: #e3e3e3;"
| image5 = New york times square-terabass.jpg
! colspan="2" | Data dhasar
| alt5 = Bustling Times Square
| image6 = Lady Liberty under a blue sky (cropped) (cropped).jpg
| Diadegaké: || [[1613]]
| alt6 = Statue of Liberty
| image7 = The United Nations Secretariat Building.jpg
| Nagara: || [[USA]]
| alt7 = United Nations headquarters building, with flags in foreground
| image8 = Coney Island beach and amusement parks (June 2016).jpg
| Praja: || [[New York (praja Amérika Sarékat)|New York]]
| alt8 = Crowded Coney Island beach with ferris wheel and roller coaster in background
}}|named_for=[[James II of England|James, Duke of York]]|settlement_type=[[City (New York)|City]]|area_total_sq_mi=468.19|subdivision_type2=[[U.S. state|State]]|pop_est_footnotes=<ref name="USCensusEst2019">{{Cite web |title=Population and Housing Unit Estimates |url= |access-date=May 21, 2020}}</ref>|government_footnotes=|area_land_sq_mi=300.37|mapsize=|area_footnotes=<ref name="CenPopGazetteer2019">{{Cite web |title=2019 U.S. Gazetteer Files |url= |access-date=July 27, 2020 |publisher=United States Census Bureau}}</ref>|unit_pref=Imperial|total_type=Total|leader_name=[[Bill de Blasio]] ([[Democratic Party (United States)|D]])|leader_title=[[Mayor of New York City|Mayor]]|governing_body=[[New York City Council]]|government_type=[[Mayor–council government|Mayor–Council]]|established_title2=|subdivision_name2={{flag|New York}}|established_date1=1898|established_title1=[[City of Greater New York|Consolidated]]|established_date=1624|established_title=Settled|subdivision_name5=[[New Netherland]]<br />[[Province of New York]]|subdivision_type5=[[Colony|Historic colonies]]|subdivision_name4=[[The Bronx|Bronx (The Bronx)]]<br />[[Brooklyn|Kings (Brooklyn)]]<br />[[Manhattan|New York (Manhattan)]]<br />[[Queens|Queens (Queens)]]<br />[[Staten Island|Richmond (Staten Island)]]
| [[County]]: || [[Bronx]] (Bronx)<br />[[New York County|New York]] (Manhattan)<br />[[Queens]] (Queens)<br />[[Kings County (New York)|Kings]] (Brooklyn)<br />[[Richmond County (New York)|Richmond]] (Staten Island)
----|subdivision_type4=[[County (United States)|Constituent counties]] ([[Boroughs of New York City|boroughs]])|subdivision_name3=[[Mid-Atlantic (United States)|Mid-Atlantic]]|subdivision_type3=[[List of regions of the United States|Region]]|area_water_km2=434.65}}'''New York City''' (kanthi resmi jenengé '''City of New York''') ya iku kutha gedhé dhéwé ing [[Amérika Sarékat]] lan salah sawijiné kutha kang paling wigati ing donya, mligi ing babagan kauangan donya lan komunikasi. Cacahé sing ndunungi ngluwihi 8 yuta jiwa sajeroning wewengkon sing ambané 800 [[km&sup2;²]], lan populasi imigran kang akèh banget saka 180 nagara.
| [[Zona wektu]] || Eastern Standard Time (UTC-5)
| style="text-align:center;" | [[Gambar:Map of New York Highlighting New York City.png|150px]]<br />Lokasi praja New York
| style="text-align:left;" | [[Gambar:5 Boroughs Labels New York City Map Julius Schorzman.png|150px]]<br />Lima Wewengkon New York City:<br /><span style="color:blue;">●</span> (1) [[Manhattan]],<br /><span style="color:yellow;">●</span> (2) [[Brooklyn]],<br /><span style="color:orange;">●</span> (3) [[Queens]],<br /><span style="color:red;">●</span> (4) [[Bronx|The Bronx]],<br /><span style="color:purple;">●</span> (5) [[Staten Island]]
| [[Padunung]]:<br /> - Laladan New York Raya: || 8,336,697 <small>''(2012)''</small><ref name="penduduk">U.S. Census Bureau, „[ Residential Population and Components of Change New York State and Counties, April 1, 2000 to July 1, 2005]“</ref> <br /> 18,7 juta<ref name="metropolregion">U.S. Census Bureau, „[ Annual Estimates of the Population of Metropolitan and Micropolitan Statistical Areas: April 1, 2000 to July 1, 2004]“</ref>
| [[Kapadhetan]]:<br /> - Laladan New York Raya: || 10.359 jiwa per km² <br /> 824 jiwa per km²
| [[Wewengkon]]: || 1.214,4 [[kilomèter pasagi|km²]] <br /> dari mana 785,6&nbsp;km² ya iku tanah
| Pamérangan administratif: || 5 [[wewengkon]]
| [[Kodhe pos]]: || 10001-10292
| [[Kodhe telepon]]: || 212
| Situs web resmi: || []
<!--|- style="background: #ffffff;"
| E-Mail-Adress: || []-->
! style="background: #e3e3e3;" colspan="2" | Pulitik
| [[Walikutha]]: || [[Michael Bloomberg]]
! style="background: #e3e3e3;" colspan="2" | Citra satelit
! colspan="2" | [[Gambar:Aste newyorkcity lrg.jpg|300px|center|pra=Special:FilePath/Aste_newyorkcity_lrg.jpg]]
'''New York City''' (kanthi resmi jenengé '''City of New York''') ya iku kutha gedhé dhéwé ing [[Amérika Sarékat]] lan salah sawijiné kutha kang paling wigati ing donya, mligi ing babagan kauangan donya lan komunikasi. Cacahé sing ndunungi ngluwihi 8 yuta jiwa sajeroning wewengkon sing ambané 800 [[km&sup2;]], lan populasi imigran kang akèh banget saka 180 nagara.
New York City uga dadi kutha krajan [[Nagara-praja Amérika Sarékat|praja AS]], [[New York (praja Amérika Sarékat)|New York]]. Kutha iki minangka mesin raksasa ékonomi donya, kanthi prodhuk metropolitan bruto sing gedhéné US$488,8 miliar ing taun [[2003]], gedhé dhéwé tinimbang kutha kutha ing AS lan nomer enem dibandingaké karo praja-praja AS liyané. Saupama dadi sawijiné nagara, New York City bakal duwé [[prodhuk dhomèstik bruto]] gedhé dhéwé angka 16 ing donya, ngluwihi [[Ruslan]] ($433 miliar). Bebarengan karo [[London]], [[Paris]], lan [[Tokyo]], kutha iki dianggep salah siji saka papat [[kutha global]] ing donya. [[PBB]] uga nduwé [[Markas Besar PBB|markasé]] ing kutha iki wiwit taun [[1951]].