Adama: Béda antara owahan

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In the early [[twenty-first century]], the Ethiopian government moved the regional capital of Oromia from [[Addis Ababa]] to Adama, sparking considerable controversy. Critics of the move believed that the Ethiopian government wished to deemphasize Addis Ababa's location within Oromia.<ref>{{cite web | author = Hameso, Seyoum and Tilahun Ayanou Nebo | year = 2000 | url = | title = Ethiopia: A New Start? | work = The Sidama Concern | accessdate = February 25 | accessyear = 2006}}</ref><ref>{{cite web | author = Mosisa, Abraham T. | year = January 13, 2004 | url = | title = Letter to U.N. Secretary-General | publisher = Oromo Studies Association | accessdate = February 25 | accessyear = 2006}}</ref> On the other hand, the government maintained that Addis Ababa "has been found inconvenient from the point of view of developing the language, culture and history of the Oromo people."<ref>{{cite web | year = July 13, 2000 | url = | title = Nazareth Selected as Oromiya's Capital | publisher = Walta Information Center | accessdate = February 25 | accessyear = 2006}}</ref>
On [[June 10]], [[2005]], the [[Oromo Peoples' Democratic Organization]] (OPDO), part of the ruling [[Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front|EPRDF]] coalition, officially announced plans to move the regional capital back to Finfinne (the Oromo name for Addis Ababa).<ref>{{cite web|date=2005-06-11|url=http://wwwweb.googlearchive.comorg/web/search?q=cache:9D8m64qV_awJ20050613234040/| title=Chief Administrator of Oromia says decision to move capital city based on study|publisher=Walta Information Center|accessdate=February 25|accessyear=2006|archiveurl=|archivedate=2005-06-13}}</ref> This announcement occurred during the aftermath of Ethiopia's most democratic elections to date, in which the governing coalition lost all of its seats in Addis Ababa's municipal administration (see [[Ethiopian general elections, 2005]]). The opposition parties speculated that the move was intended as a way to split them along ethnic lines by inciting the largely non-Oromo residents of Addis Ababa to oppose the return of the Oromia government to the Ethiopian capital.{{Fact|date=February 2007}} The only comments from the opposition that the move inspired, however, was that the original move to Adama had been a massive waste of money, not to mention lives, as the government had cracked down on Oromo students who had protested the move from Finfinne to Adama. In any event, non-Oromo groups did not oppose the return of Oromia government offices to Addis Ababa.
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