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== Delete ==
Please delete this template. It has already been deleted in English, German, French, Arabic, Greek, etc. Wikipedias. All info is now kept in Wikidata. -- [[Panganggo:Magioladitis|Magioladitis]] <sup>[[Dhiskusi Panganggo:Magioladitis|pirembagan]]</sup> 7 Maret 2015 11.08 (UTC)==Removing Link GA template==
==Removing Link GA template==
Hello, As you may know, values of Link FA/GA/FL is now being stored in Wikidata and there is no need of these templates anymore. If you want transclusions of this template to be removed by bot. Please contact me in [[:en:User talk:Ladsgroup|English Wikipedia]]. I already did this task for more than 25 wiki. Thanks [[Panganggo:Ladsgroup|Ladsgroup]] <sup>[[Dhiskusi Panganggo:Ladsgroup|pirembagan]]</sup> 23 Maret 2015 15.22 (UTC)