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'''Prometium''' ({{pronEng|prəˈmiːθiəm/, /proʊˈmiːθiəm}}) kuwiiku sawijining [[unsur kimia]] kanthi simbul '''Pm''' lan [[nomer atom]] 61.
It is notable for being the only other radioactive element besides [[technetium]] which is followed by chemical elements that have stable [[isotopes]].
== Isotopes ==
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Thirty-six [[radioisotope]]s of promethium have been characterized, with the most stable being <sup>145</sup>Pm with a [[half-life]] of 17.7 years, <sup>146</sup>Pm with a half-life of 5.53 years, and <sup>147</sup>Pm with a half-life of 2.6234 years. All of the remaining [[radioactive]] isotopes have half-lives that are less than 364 days, and the majority of these have half lives that are less than 27 seconds. This element also has 11 [[meta state]]s with the most stable being <sup>148</sup>Pm<sup>''m''</sup> (T<sub>½</sub> 41.29 days), <sup>152</sup>Pm<sup>''m''2</sup> (T<sub>½</sub> 13.8 minutes) and <sup>152</sup>Pm<sup>''m''</sup> (T<sub>½</sub> 7.52 minutes).
The isotopes of promethium range in [[atomic weight]] from 127.9482600 [[atomic mass unit|u]] (<sup>128</sup>Pm) to 162.9535200 u (<sup>163</sup>Pm). The primary [[decay mode]] before the longest-lived isotope, <sup>145</sup>Pm, is [[electron capture]], and the primary mode after is [[beta minus decay]]. The primary [[decay product]]s before <sup>145</sup>Pm are [[neodymium]] (Nd) isotopes and the primary products after are [[samarium]] (Sm) isotopes.
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