Pratélan bausastra miturut akèhing tembung

Pratelan iki kanggêp saemper jawatjati (Ing: authoritative) utawa pepak kanthi gunggung tembung utawa ulutembung kang katulis. Pratelan iki ora angetung lelebon kanthi teges jinis tembung kang beda (kaya ta bedaning tembung aran kalawan tembung kahanan) lan samaksara (Ing: homograph). Dene bisa ngetung gunggung lelebon ing bausastra, ngetung gunggung tembung ing sawijining basa iku barang kang mokal. Sajroning anggawe bausastra, juru tembungwidya anamtokake yen bukti kanggo anglebokake lelebon tembung iku mau cukup. Papilih iku mau beda karo anamtokake yen sawijining tembung iku ana.

Layarburi warna ijo ateges yen bausastra iku saemper bausastra kang paling gedhe ing basane.

Basa Watara gunggunging tembung Bausastra Cathetan
Basa Hangug

(Basa Korya)

1,100,373 우리말샘 (Woori Mal Saem, 2017) Bausastra gumathuk kalêbu kanggo carabasa-carabasa ing Korya Kidul (Hangug) lan Korya Lor (Côson)
Basa Fin 800,000 RedFox Pro Bausastra gumathuk. Gagrag tanpa beya aduwe 300,000 tembung lan gagrag beya aduwe 800,000 tembung.

The dictionary has agglomerated other dictionaries, such as technical ones, and the largest set comes from Wordnet. Note that even this dictionary essentially doesn't include inflections.

Basa Kurdhi 735,320 Kurdish Language Dictionary Authority,Kurdish language unity Contains 735,320 keywords from A few Kurdish dialects.However, in these censuses, other dialects of Kurdish and idiom, phraseology and discourse in Kurdish were not counted.With all dialects the Kurdish language contains a total of 1,200,000 words. It contains 1,600,000 words with all the idioms and phrases.Dialects unchecked in 735,320 thousand words :Southern Kurdish(Rojhilat Kurdish Dialects): (Laki, Bayray, Feyli, Garrusi (Bijari), Kermanshahi, Kolyai, Kordali, Malekshahi, Sanyabi, Kalhori (kalhurî), Zangana, Lorî), Başurî Kurdish Dialects, Rojava Kurdish Dialects, Bakurî Kurdish Dialects
Basa Swedhen 600,000 Svenska Akademiens ordbok, Swedish Academy After having completed letters A through T SAOB included 470,000 words, but 600,000 words when the alphabet was completed in 2017. Svenska Akademiens ordlista, which includes only commonly used words, currently includes ~126,000 words after having added 13,500 and removed 9,000 in its latest edition, SAOL 14, plus an additional 200,000 still encountered words in earlier editions.
Basa Ayslendh 560,000 Orðabók Háskólans 43,000 basic words and 519,000 compound words of which more than half are attested only once or don't get into print (“instant combinations”)
Basa Inggris 520,000 English Wiktionary Anduwe lelebon glosari 520,000 lan lelebon kabehan 928,989.
Basa Hangug (Korya) 511,282 Standard Korean Language Dictionary Anduwe 511,282 lelebon.
Basa Itali 500,000 Grande Dizionario Hoepli Italiano Gunggunging tembung bisa kocap lan bisa katulis nganti 2 yuta
Basa Nippon 500,000 Nihon Kokugo Daijiten
Basa Litwaniyà 500,000 Lietuvių kalbos žodynas (Academic Dictionary of Lithuanian) 22,000 pages in 20 volumes with quotations from all kinds of writing and dialect records between 1547 and 2001. Accessible online at
Basa Inggris 470,000 Webster's Third New International Dictionary and Addenda Section Contains 470,000 entries
Basa Walanda 400,000 Woordenboek der Nederlandsche Taal The 43 volumes of the WNT (including three supplements) consist of 49,255 pages, describing Dutch words from 1500 to 1976.
Basa Tamil 380,000 Sorkuvai An online open dictionary run by the Tamil Nadu government.
Basa Cina 378,103 Hanyu Da Cidian The 3rd edition of the digital version contains 18,014 single-character words, 336,706 compound words, 23,383 idioms (chengyu), 504,040 definitions, and 861,956 examples.
Basa Inggris 350,000 The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Third Edition In the introduction to the 4th and 5th editions, it is mentioned that more than 10,000 words have been added, thus the total for the 5th edition will be more than 370,000 words.[failed verification]
Basa Fin 350,000 Suomen murteiden sanakirja (in progress) Suomen murteiden sanakirja (SMS) will include 350,000 words from different dialects, with well-documented definitions, based on the archives (Suomen murteiden sana-arkisto) of 400,000 words, with over 8 million definitions.
Basa Persi 343,466 Dehkhoda Dictionary, 1998, ISBN 9789640396025 The original series initially consisted of 3 million records (فیش fish or برگه bargeh in Persian) (up to 100 records for each word or proper noun) until Dehkhoda's death in November 1955, and currently contains 343,466 entries that according to the latest digital release of the dictionary by Tehran University Press (version 3.0) are based on an ever-growing library of over 2300 volumes in lexicology and various other scientific fields.[circular reference]
Basa Norweg 330,000 Norsk Ordbok The finished dictionary has about 330,000 lelebon, whereas the corpus it's built upon contains about 500,000 words in total.
Basa Jerman 330,000 Deutsches Wörterbuch 330,000 tembung kang kanggo saka abad kaping 15 M tengahan.
Basa Norweg 300,000 Tanums store rettskrivningsordbok (10. utgave) Bausastra tatatulis.
Basa Gujarat 281,377 Bhagavadgomandal 28.100 tembung ing 9 polume. Lan saemper bauwarna nganti ameh 82.200 tembung.
Basa Urdu 264,000 Urdu Lughat
Basa Ukrainà 253,000 Великий орфографічний словник сучасної української лексики Aduwe 253,000 lelebon.
Basa Ceko 250,000 Příruční slovník jazyka českého Nine volumes of this dictionary were printed in years 1935-1957. They contain about 250,000 words, their meanings and example usage from literature. The dictionary is available online.
Basa Portugis 250,000 Houaiss Dictionary of the Portuguese Language A total of 250,000 words in the language, with the largest dictionary having 171,000 words.
Basa Srebiyà Hrêwatskà 241,000 Dictionary of Serbo-Croatian Literary and Vernacular Language This dictionary is incomplete. So far, 20 volumes of the planned 40 have been published. These 20 volumes contain 241.000 lelebon. When complete, this Dictionary will have around 500.000 lelebon.
Basa Bellôrossiyah 223,000 Большой словарь белорусского языка
Basa Inggris 207,016 WordNet, 3.1 As of November 2012 WordNet's latest Online-version is 3.1. The database contains 155,327 words organized in 175,979 synsets for a total of 207,016 word-sense pairs.
Basa Fin 201,000 Nykysuomen sanakirja, 1961 Nykysuomen sanakirja can be translated to The Dictionary of Modern Finnish or The Dictionary of Contemporary Finnish, but the language can be quite dated; the dictionary only reflects the language as it was no later than 1961. Even though it has been published again, it has not been updated. The dictionary contains over 201,000 lelebon in six volumes. For modern language, The New Dictionary of Modern Finnish is more relevant.
Basa Jerman 200,000 Großes Wörterbuch der deutschen Sprache Aduwe nganti 200,000 tembung jaman anyaran.
Basa Dane 200,000 Ordbog over det danske Sprog Dictionary maintained by the Society for Danish Language and Literature. Covers Dansh language use 1700-1950. The society also maintains a sister dictionary, Den Danske Ordbog covering language use since 1950.
Basa Rossiyah 200,000 Explanatory Dictionary of the Living Great Russian Language Tolkovyi slovar' zhivogo velikorusskogo iazyka.
Basa Slowakiyah 200,000 Slovník slovenského jazyka z r. 1959 – 1968, Slovník súčasného slovenského jazyka A – G, H – L, M – N z r. 2006, 2011, 2015 Here is the information about the number of words in Slovak language written by Jazykovedný ústav Ľ.Štúra SAV.
Basa Hindi 183,175 Hindi Wiktionary एक मुक्त शब्दकोश, जो सभी को सम्पादन का अधिकार देता है।

जिसमें अनेक भाषाओं के १,८३,१७५ शब्द उपलब्ध हैं।

Basa Rumaniyà 180,000 dexonline Online dictionary. Project of digitisation of 67 general, specialty and archaic dictionaries. Launched in 2001. As of 2013, it contained over 180,000 unique wordsand 576,000 definitions.
Basa Inggris 171,476 Oxford English Dictionary, Second Edition Oxford Dictionary has 273,000 lelebon; 171,476 of them being in current use, 47,156 being obsolete words and around 9,500 derivative words included as subentries. The dictionary contains 157,000 combinations and derivatives in bold type, and 169,000 phrases and combinations in bold italic type, making a total of over 600,000 word-forms.

There is one count that puts the English vocabulary at about 1 million words — but that count presumably includes words such as Latin species names, prefixedand suffixed words, scientific terminology, jargon, foreign words of extremely limited English use and technical acronyms.

Basa Kazakhstan 166,000 15 томдық "Қазақ тілінің түсіндірме сөздігі" Explanatory dictionary of the Kazakh language
Basa Bellôrossiyà 150,000 Слоўнік беларускай мовы
Basa Ayslendh 150,000 Orðabók Blöndals The dictionary contains 150,000 lelebon in 17 volumes.
Basa Rossiyah 150,000 Большой академический словарь русского языка Great Academy Dictionary of Russian language
Basa Jerman Swis 150,000 Schweizerisches Idiotikon The dictionary contains 150,000 lelebon, terms and phrases
Basa Jerman 148,000 Duden – Die deutsche Rechtschreibung The most influential dictionary in Germany, a dictionary of orthography.
Basa Pol 140,000 Wielki słownik ortograficzny PWN Big orthography dictionary PWN contains new words, proper nouns and latest spelling changes.
Basa Frãs 135,000 Trésor de la Langue Française informatisé ATILF (Analyse et Traitement Informatique de la Langue Française – Computer Processing and Analysis of the French Language)

135,000 (Larousse Dictionnaire de français, published by Editions Larousse)

Basa Ukrainà 134,058 Словник української мови (The Dictionary of the Ukrainian language) Karampungake saka pungkasan taun 1970 an nganti wiwitan taun 1980 an M.
Basa Rossiyah 130,000 Большой толковый словарь русского языка Bausastra Agung Rossiyah.
Basa Swedhen 130,000 Rikstermbanken Bang nagara tetembungan basa Swedhen.
Basa Indhonesiyà 127,036 Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia, 5th edition, 2016
Basa Swedhen 126,000 Svenska Akademiens ordlista (SAOL) Normative Swedish language spelling dictionary, includes around 120,000 lelebon.
Basa Armeniyà Wetan 125,000 Ժամանակակից հայոց լեզվի բացատրական բառարան Žamanakakic’ hayoc’ lezvi bac’atrakan baṙaran
Basa Tamil 124,405 University of MadrasTamil Lexicon The dictionary includes 124,405 separate entries.
Arabic 120,000 Tāj al-ʿArūs Min Jawāhir al-Qāmūs The dictionary includes 120,000 entries filling 40 volumes, whereby one entry comprises dozens of words.
Finland Swedish 120,000 Ordbok över Finlands svenska folkmål(in progress) Anduwe lelebon watara 120,000.
Bulgarian 119,200 Dictionary of the Bulgarian Language(monolingual academic explanatory dictionary), (Многотомен) Речник на българския език in Bulgarian, in 15+ volumes This dictionary covers vocabulary from the last 150 years of the Bulgarian language and is compiled and edited by linguistics (primarily native lexicographers and lexicologists) from The Institute for the Bulgarian Language (part of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences). It includes basic, commonly used, literary, colloquial, dialectical, archaic and obsolete Bulgarian words, as well as some specialized terminology. The latest volume (15th) published in 2015 ends with lelebon beginning with the (Bulgarian Cyrillic) letter Р.
Turkish 114,767 Güncel Türkçe Sözlük Bausastra gumathuk saka Asosiasi Basa Turki
Belarusian 112,462 Skarnik Ing sasi Agustus 2019, Bausastra Belorossiyah-Rossiyah anduwe 112,462 tembung.
Slovene 110,180 Slovar slovenskega knjižnega jezika, Second edition, 2014 The official dictionary of modern Slovene is Slovar slovenskega knjižnega jezika (SSKJ; Standard Slovene Dictionary). It was published in five volumes by Državna Založba Slovenije between 1970 and 1991 and contains more than 100,000 entries and subentries with accentuation, part-of-speech labels, common collocations, and various qualifiers. In the 1990s, an electronic version of the dictionary was published and it is available online.
Finnish 102,174 Kielitoimiston sanakirja, 2018 Online dictionary. Institute for the Languages of Finland (governmental institute) has selected the core vocabulary, and many lelebon are not included.
Afrikaans 100,000 Handwoordeboek van die Afrikaanse Taal(HAT), 2015 Weton kaping 6 anduwe 3228 tembung anyar lan 5365 teges.
Polish 100,000 Słownik języka polskiego PWN Polish dictionary of PWN contains about 100,000 articles and 145,000 definitions.
French 100,000 Dictionnaire Le Grand Robert de la langue française, 2019 Anduwe 100,000 tembung lan 350,000 jarwateges (jlentreh teges).
German 100,000 Österreichisches Wörterbuch, 2018 Bausastra Parijawat basa Jerman ing Republig Osthêraikh.
Russian 100,000 Орфографический словарь русского языка Bausastra Rossiyah parilumrah, anduweni watara 100,000 tembung.
Spanish 93,000 Diccionario de la lengua española de la Real Academia Española, 23rd edition, 2014
Soranî dialect Kurdish 92,000 فەرهەنگی زانستگای کوردستان Anduweni 92,000 tembung kunci saka carabasa Soranî.
Spanish 90,000 DICCIONARIO DE USO DEL ESPAŃOL, 2007 Anduwe 90,000 tembung kunci lan 190,000 teges.
Dutch 90,000 Van Dale, 14th edition, 2005
Catalan 88,500 Gran Diccionari de la llengua catalana (Great Dictionary of the Catalan language, includes the definitions in the Diccionari de la llengua catalana) Anduwe 88,500 lelebon lan 172,000 teges.
Chinese 85,568 Zhonghua Zihai The largest character dictionary covering all varieties of Chinese, a compilation of Chinese characters in use over three millennia of written history.
Arabic 83,015 المعجم المعاصر2019 Gagrag kapisan (2019) anduwe watara 83,015 lelebon.
Malaysian 82,900 Kamus Dewan, 4th Edition, 2005
Arabic 80,000 Lisan Al-Arab Anduwe watara 80,000 lelebon.
Romanian 67,000 Dicționarul explicativ al limbii române(Published by the Romanian Academy)
Swedish 65,000 Svensk ordbok utgiven av Svenska Akademien (Svensk ordbok, SO) Anduwe watara 65,000 lelebon.
Swedish 64,000 Ordbok öfver svenska språket (Dalin Ordbok) Watara 64,000 lelebon.
Arabic 60,000 Al-Qamus al-Muhit wa al-Qabus al-Wasit Watara 60,000 lelebon.
Tamazight 60,000 Grand dictionnaire Français-Tamazight(Written by Abdelhafed Idres)
Galician 59,999 Dicionario da Real Academia Galega(Dictionary of the Royal Galician Academy)
Western Armenian 56,000 Հայոց լեզուի նոր բառարան Hayoc’ lezowi nor baṙaran
Tatar 56,000 Татарско-русский словарь Ш.Н. Асылгараева, Ф.А. Ганиева, М.З. Закиева, К.М. Миннуллина, Д.Б. Рамазанова Bausastra Tatar-Rossiyah dening Sh.N. Asylgaraev, F.A. Ganiev, M.Z. Zakiyev, K.M. Minnullin, D.B. Ramazanova
French 55,000 Dictionnaire de l’Académie française (DAF) Bausastra basa Frangs parilumrah lan bakal anduweni 55,000 lelebon.
Dutch 52,000 Woordenlijst Nederlandse Taal Normative Dutch dictionary, Anduweni watara52,000 entries and around 134.000 derivative words.
Turkmen 50,000 Türkmen diliniň düşündirişli sözlügi Bausastra Kajlentreh Turkmen
Azerbaijani 44,750 Azərbaycan dilinin izahlı lüğəti Bausastra Kajlentreh Azerbayjan
Arabic 40,000 Taj al-Lugha wa Sihah al-Arabiyya Watara 40,000 lelebon.
Bashkir 40,000 Башкирско-русский словарь Ураксин З.Г. Bausastra Baksyir-Rossiyah dening Uraksin Z. G.
Chuvash 40,000 Чувашско-русский словарь Скворцова М. И. Bausastra Khuvasy-Rossiyah dening Skvortsova M. I.
Dargwa 40,000 Даргинско-русский словарь Юсупова Х. А. Bausastra Dhargwà-Rossiyah dening Yusupov H. A
Riksmål 40,000 Riksmålsordlisten Normative dictionary of the non-official Norwegianwritten language called Riksmål.
Classical Latin 39,589 Oxford Latin Dictionary Includes 39,589 Classical Latin entries, including borrowings from Greek, Gaulish, other Italic dialects, Sanskrit, and others. There are about: 10,000 adjectives, 2,123 adverbs, 46 conjunctions, 77 interjections, 17,450 nouns, 26 particles, 39 prepositions, 17 pronouns, and 5,986 verbs. The remaining entries are references to other entries (such as alternate spellings or archaic versions), prefixes, suffixes, and terms left untranslated by the original editors.
Avar 36,000 Аварско-русский словарь Гимбатова. М. М. Avar-Russian dictionary of M. M. Gimbatov
Lezgi 28,000 Лезгинско-русский словарь: Б. Б Талибов, М. М. Гаджиев Lezgi-Russian dictionary: B. B Talibov, M. M. Gadzhiev
Old Swedish 22,894 Ordbok över svenska medeltidsspråket Anduweni watara22,894 lelebon in 3 volumes and with supplement in 2 volumes (21,495 lelebon) the dictionary includes 44,389 lelebon.
Chechen 20,000 Чеченско-русский словарь. Алироев, И.А.; Хамидова, З.Х.; Алексеев, М.Е. Chechen-Russian dictionary. I.A Aliroev., Z.Kh. Khamidova., M.E. Alekseev.,
Kabardian 20,000 Кабардинско-русский словарь. М. Л. Апажев, Н. А. Багов Kabardian-Russian dictionary. M. L. Apazhev, N. A. Bagov
Quechua 20,000 Diccionario Quechua-Español Lira Jorge Quechua-Spanish dictionary Lira Jorge
Swedish 20,000 Svensk etymologisk ordbok Anduweni watara20,000 lelebon.
Esperanto 16,780 Plena Ilustrita Vortaro de Esperanto(Complete Illustrated Dictionary of Esperanto) 46,890 sawijen tembung.
Ingush 11,142 Ингушско-русский словарь. М. С. Мургустов. Bausastra Inggusy-Rossiyah dening M.S. Murgustov.

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