John Pierpont Morgan

John Pierpont Morgan (17 April 1837 – 31 Maret 1913) iku bankir lan kolèktor seni asal Amérikah Sarékat sing menkoni redana kumpeni lan konsolidhasi indhustri ing jamané. Ing taun 1892, Morgan ngatur panggabunging Edison General Electric lan Thomson-Houston Electric Company lan nandhesaké General Electric. Sawisé maringi dana tandhesan Federal Steel Company, ing taun 1901 Morgan gabung karo Carnegie Steel Company lan sawatara indhustri waja lan wesi liyané, kalebu Consolidated Steel and Wire Company darbéné William Edenborn, lan yasa United States Steel Corporation.

J. P. Morgan
Lair(1837-04-17)17 April 1837
Hartford, Connecticut,
Amérikah Sarékat
PatiMaret 31, 1913(1913-03-31) (umur 75)
Roma, Itali
Cedar Hill Cemetery
PakaryanPendana, Bankir
BojoAmelia Sturges (o. 1861–62)
Frances Louise Tracy (o. 1865–1913)
AnakLouisa Pierpont Morgan
John Pierpont Morgan, Jr.
Juliet Morgan
Anne Morgan
Wong tuwaJunius Spencer Morgan
Juliet Pierpont
Tandha tangan




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